Warning: "Your binaries are not correctly signed for iOS 8." on MDX ToolKit 10.

Symptoms or Error

Unable to wrap applications such as WorxMail or WorxWeb because of the following warning message:

Issue 1

"Your binaries are not correctly signed for iOS 8. Please check command line tools version, your certificate and provisioning profile."

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Issue 2

"Warning: your certificate does not contain the team identifier required for iOS 8"


Complete the following steps to fix the issue:

Solution 1

  1. Run xcode with elevated privileges, open terminal and run the following command:
    sudo xcode-select -switch path-to-xcode
    For example, /Applications/Xcode.app.

  2. Delete the certificate and re-import it into the Mac keychain.

  3. Create a new Mac admin profile.

Solution 2

The Mac keychain cannot have more than 2 distribution certificates.
  1. If the Mac keychain has more than 2 distribution certificates then revoke one of the certificate.
  2. Create an inhouse and ad-hoc profile. Use that profile to wrap the application.

Problem Cause

The issue might occur for one of the following reasons:

  • Old version of Worx Apps.

  • Xcode EULA was not accepted.

  • Expired Apple certificate on the keychain.

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