Lab Manager 3.9,XenServer 5.6
Lab Manager 3.9,XenServer 5.6
Unable to Deploy Existing Job in Lab Manager.

Problem Definition

A Citrix Lab Manager Job in the workspace would not deploy, clone, or copy to a library and produced the following error message

“8601: Error configuring IPZone router.”


Lab Manager 3.9
XenServer 5.6 Resource Pool with Network File Share (NFS) Storage

Troubleshooting Methodology

The Lab Manager administrator confirmed that this job had previously been successfully deployed. After exploring the environment further, it was determined that the router virtual machine associated with this job had been inadvertently deleted while it was previously deployed. This was the reason that the job would no longer deploy.

There was a configuration for this job in the Environment Library which could have been redeployed; however, this would result in losing the many changes that were previously made when the job was deployed. With this in mind, we decided to pursue the issue further by starting the virtual machines in XenCenter. They started fine on a server in the pool (although without the presence of a network interface).

The approach now was to isolate each virtual machine individually so we could re-import them into a new configuration. Lab Manager tags the virtual machines it works with so a simple conversion to template or export and import won’t work.

With the virtual machines running, we ran xe vm-list to obtain the Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) of these virtual machines. We then ran the following command for each virtual machine to remove the in-use ID that Lab Manager works with.

xe vm-param-remove uuid=<UUID of VM> param-name=other-config param-key=LM-IN-USE’

The next step was to add the public network interface to these virtual machines from within XenCenter. Once this was done, we went to the Import Templates screen in Lab Manager and rescanned the storage. A few minutes later the virtual machines showed up in the list and we were able to successfully reimport them.


With the virtual machines reimported to Lab Manager, we created a new configuration based on them, copied it to the workspace, and successfully deployed it. Because of the new router in the job, the static IP addresses of the virtual machines needed to be adjusted to reflect what was expected.

Additional Information

This case study outlines the workaround method for a specific scenario. Citrix cannot guarantee that this method works in all environments. The best practice is to periodically copy jobs to the library to save the entire configuration state.

At the time of writing, an enhancement request was submitted to allow for automatic reprovisioning of jobs with a missing or corrupt router role. There is no guarantee when or if it will be considered for inclusion in a future Lab Manager release.

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